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It's Never Too Late by Chris

 In a previous post back in January, I wrote about our friend Alberto and how the Lord was working to soften his heart and how he was turning back to the Lord.  Here is the link if you didn't read it yet:  Alberto turns over a new leaf .  Well, I am sad to inform you that our friend Alberto has passed away.  There was part of us that was surprised as it did seem as though his health was getting better.  When we received the news, we went to go visit his cousin, who lived in the house behind his.  We had a nice visit and she filled us in on the details about when the funeral would be and when and where he would be buried.  We arrived at the funeral home and were blessed to be able to meet Alberto's sister and some of her family that was able to make it in from New Jersey where they live.  Many people showed up to pay their respects and to say "Goodbye" to their dear old friend.  One of the deacons was able to come and give a nice service where he reminded us all that o

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