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21-Day Fast by Karen

When a great idea pops into my mind it's exciting. I start imaging the hows, whats, whens, wheres and whos as I allow my mind to entertain and blend a milieu of possibilities into one seemingly perfect scenario. As I've matured spiritually I've come to understand that there is a time and place for everything ... most things.  Good ideas are fun to entertain, but ultimately we need to rely on the Lord to provide the answers to those questions.   In May 2020, when we were in Nairobi, my family and I did a 3-day fast for our mission partners.  In preparation, I did some research to ensure our plan was both safe and spiritually sound.  While looking online I found a plethora of information on the 21-Day Daniel Fast, which piqued my interest.  Perhaps after my family and I finished our 3-day fast I could just continue for another 18, I thought.  When I prayed about this "great idea" the Lord affirmed my desire to fast for a long period of time, but made it clear that i

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