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A Triple Blessing by Chris

Karen and I always say that if a really great idea that blesses everybody just pops into our must be from the Lord!  Well, that is exactly what happened with a ministry that is a triple blessing!  Let me explain...when we first arrived in Costa Rica, we met with the parish priest, Fr. Geison (Jason) about ministry ideas and he plugged us into what is called the Pastoral Social.  We have mentioned this before in other blog posts and newsletters but a quick summary is that it is a system to help people with either a short-term or longer-term need where someone is ill, there is a sudden death in the family or a widow that does not have any family to help support her.  We jumped right in and it has been a great way to serve the community and has helped us get to know a lot of folks here in Santa Rosa.  What is nice about it is that the people ask the church for help and then a team of people go and visit to check out the situation for themselves to access the needs and then the

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