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Cultural Infusion by Isaac Dario

Being my first time in Kenya and very far from home I wanted to celebrate a traditional party from the jungle of Peru called "Saint John the Baptist's Day" or " Dia de San Juan", which is celebrated on 24th of June.  This year I celebrated with my friends, the Carmody family.

This celebration commemorates John the Baptist's life and death.  In Peru families usually spend the day on the beaches of the river, swimming and enjoying a traditional meal called the "JUANE".

This traditional meal is made with chicken, rice, olives, boiled eggs, cilantro and other ingredients which are all wrapped in a "BIJAO" leaf, then it is all boiled for one or two hours.  It is consumed during the party on the 24th.

The juane represent the head of St. John on a platter. Each ingredient represents a part of the head.  The olives represent the eyes.  The chicken represents the mouth.  The hard boiled eggs are his nose and the bijao leaf  represents the platte…

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