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A Disciple Making Disciples by Karen and Isaac

This is a photo of one of the medical missions that we helped facilitate in Peru. Isaac is the young man at the end of the table in the green t-shirt.  Soon after arriving in Peru, back in 2016, we met a young man named Isaac who was lost and alone, wallowing in the darkness of sinful despair.  He enjoyed the activities we organized and constantly volunteered to help in any way he could.  When we did ministry in the outlying pueblos, Isaac always tagged along.  Each time a short-term missionary group came, he gave his all to ensure things ran as smoothly as possible.  Little by little, as he learned more, he fell in love with the Lord.  All praise be to God, Isaac was able to receive the sacraments after participating in the preparation program we offered for kids his age.  In 2018, during a youth retreat, Isaac had a life-changing encounter with Jesus which lit his heart on fire.  He experienced the Lord's tenderness, mercy, and love firsthand and wanted to tell everyone he met ab

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