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Year-In-Review Ideas to Share by Karen

Throughout the world people have different ways of bringing closure to one year and welcoming the next.  20 years ago Chris and I spent New Year's in Brazil where they plunge themselves into the ocean at midnight wearing all white clothes to be cleansed of anything negative that might be lingering from the previous year.  As they emerge from the water they claim to feel clean, free, and ready for whatever lay ahead.  When we were in Peru we joined the locals in making scarecrow type figures with our old clothes which we then burned at midnight.  It's their way of symbolically parting with their old selves and destroying the power of any evil that might have crept into their lives.  As I'm typing, it's occurring to me that this tradition is a bit strange, but at the time it seemed harmless and fun.  Below are a couple of old photos of Michael and Jack with our first ever New Year's dummy.     These types of traditions are meant to help people deal with the difficulti

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