1 for Me, 3 for You - Happy Halloween!

Last Thursday felt like any other day until we strolled into the office to check our mail.  To our surprise and delight, a package laid waiting for us. The kids scooped it up, ran outside and quickly peeled away the layers of tape to reveal the contents.. HALLOWEEN CANDY!!! They burst with excitement.  The very thing they had been wishing for now sat before them.  (We're not celebrating Halloween this year so the kids assumed they wouldn't get candy.)  

We're supposed to pray before every decision; to truly seek the Lord's will and guidance in all things, big and small.  And so we did.... Luke 3:11 says, "Whoever has two tunics should share with the person who has none.  And whoever has food should do likewise."

There are very poor communities around us where kids will not receive any Halloween treats because the residents can't afford to provide them. The Holy Spirit spoke and we listened.

We set aside most of the sweets for others.  With what was left, the kids took turns selecting items they knew a sibling would like and gave it to them as the gift it was.

When we finished, Katelyn, Anna, Jack and Michael each had about 1/3 of a small jar:

"How does the pleasure of eating candy compare to the joy of giving others a gift?"  We talked about how quickly the happiness of eating something sweet disappears compared to the joy that dwells in the heart when we're generous to others.  However, I thought the kids would still be a bit disappointed.  I was totally wrong.  These were their responses:

Jack: "We need to give other kids most of our candy because we're supposed to decrease so they can increase."

Michael: "We can give the rest away, it's fine.  I don't need anymore candy." 

Anna: "I'm thankful that we have candy to give away.  The girl that gave it to us was very generous.  I feel so grateful for all that people have given us, to support us."

Katelyn: "I feel like God is getting us ready to go on missions by allowing us to have a little bit of candy when last year we had so much.  There's peace in my heart because the Holy Spirit told me I didn't need that much this year. God provides us with so much more."

During training, we've been learning about the necessity of not just "doing nice things for people," but bringing them Jesus.  How does that apply to sharing our Halloween candy?  The Holy Spirit told us to write a scripture verse onto 12 pieces of paper.  Then, attach 3 pieces of candy to each paper.  Anna, Michael, Katelyn and Jack will each have the opportunity to give 3 kids Jesus, a piece of candy and the opportunity to experience the joy of sharing when they in turn share the sweet message of Jesus Christ with two others.  


  1. I,m late at reading this, but wanted to let you know of my faithful lesson. I was about ten years old and did some dumb thing a few days after Halloween that caused me to hand all my candy over to my dad. After punishment had continued on for a week or so, my father asked me, "can you name any of the virtues?". Luckily I must have been attentive for religious class when we covered this, because I didn't skip a beat and replied, "faith, hope and love and the greated of these is love". Needless to say my father patted me on the back, told me to never forget it and handed me my candy.
    A lesson never to be forgotten.

  2. Above is Stu's story. Debra's loving husband !


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