Anna's Sunday Afternoon Nail Polish Party

"Hi, my name is Anna.  I'm 10 years old and my favorite thing to do is paint nails..."

Anna kept her polishing skills sharp by hosting the first-ever Nail Polish Party here at FMC.  The Community House bustled with excitement as ladies young and not-as-young "broke the ice" by digging into each other's nail polish past.  "Who has never had their nails painted by somebody else?"  "Who loves having each nail a different color?"  "Who prefers only shades of pink?"  The interrogating continued as polish patterns were intricately designed on Post-It notes for the upcoming memory challenge.

As the activities continued, the guests slipped away to visit Anna's Polishing Emporium for their personalized polishing session.

The grand finale showcased two talented teams performing their impromptu nail polish themed songs. 

To Anna's delight, the fun continued on throughout the afternoon.  Her guests marveled at the seemingly endless pallet of color choices and selected their favorites to decorate any unpolished nails left in the room.

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