Musical Miracle

The alarm announced the start of another day, so I rolled out of bed for my routine rosary walk.  It's tough to rise early, but I'm always glad when I do.  The rosary is an incredibly powerful form of prayer for me because I'm able to enter into such a deep state of meditation.  Praise God that my Guardian Angel also rises early and walks with me. 

A few weeks ago, I left the house intending to pray the rosary as I strolled along a beautiful nearby road.  I looked forward to welcoming the day as the sun rose over the bayou.  

At the end of the gravel driveway I realized the Holy Spirit had a different plan.  I felt a strong prompting to go left down the curved paved road, instead of to the right toward my original destination.
 The Holy Spirit spoke and I obeyed; not just at this decision point, but along my whole walk...even down a dead end road that I was unfamiliar with.  

Usually, after the 3rd decade, I turn around and head home figuring I'm half way.  Not this day.  When I stopped, the Holy Spirit insisted I continue walking.  This defied reason.  The further I went, the further I had to walk back.  When I reached home I needed to get myself ready, make breakfast and have everyone out the door by 8am...regardless, I obeyed and continued walking and praying.  

I came to a home that was noticeably nicer than the others.  I found myself lost in thought about wealth, possessions, attachments and how all that impacts our relationship with Jesus. As I rounded the bend I saw a HUGE pile of trash next to the road, behind the house where the yard meets the forest.  

Amidst the trash was a saxophone inside a case which was sitting open.  Did I mention that Chris had been wishing he'd brought his saxophone to Louisiana?  Did I mention that we had recently realized that if Chris wanted a saxophone, then we needed to pray for a saxophone?  After all, we knew that if the Lord wants Chris to bless people with his incredible gift of music, then the Lord would provide a horn....we weren't sure exactly how this would come to be, but we were sure it was possible.  

As I approached the pile of trash, I saw the proof that this was indeed a gift from God.  On the edge of the case was written "Chris".

I scooped up the sax and headed home.

When Chris heard the story and saw the horn he was in disbelief.  It all seemed surreal. Although finding a saxophone is amazing, it needed a lot of work which we didn't have the money for.

The Holy Spirit assured me that we'd be led to the person who would fix it for free.  Low and behold, that Sunday we went to Mass in a neighboring community with a friend.  The Knights of Columbus were hosting coffee/doughnuts.  We reached out to the brother Knights and asked if anyone knew of a horn repairman. Immediately a man offered up the services of his best friend from high school who is known as the #1 horn repairman in the area.  We took his contact information and followed the Lord's lead.

At Lafayette Music we asked for Raymond Goodrich, just as we were instructed by the brother Knight.  We shared the miraculous story of the saxophone's discovery, as well as the Holy Spirit's assurance that we'd find someone to fix it.

Last Thursday we picked up the horn, which had been restored to excellent of charge. Thank  you Raymond Goodrich.  All praise be to God!!

Just hours ago, Chris got to play the saxophone for our Friday night praise and worship.  He rocked the house - all for the glory of God!  

PS - I went by the house today to take a picture of the garbage pile (for this blog post).  It's all been hauled away, lest a few remnants. I believe that the Holy Spirit knew that I needed to go down that road on that day to find Chris' saxophone because it would be gone shortly after...truly amazing!!!

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