Q: How Do You Get 500 Crosses From Bethlehem to Mexico?

A: Ask the Holy Spirit for help

In preparation for our short-term mission trip, we've been praying about what we can do for our brothers and sisters in Mexico. The Holy Spirit told us to take palm-size comfort crosses as gifts for those we're able to serve.

We found olive wood crosses, made in Bethlehem, for $1 each. Thanks to the very generous support of Team Carmody, 500 people will be blessed with a beautiful symbol of Jesus' love that they can hold on to long after we leave...literally, isn't that awesome!!

Our next task is to come up with the short blessing that we will say to each person as we give them a cross.  Oops, did we forget to mention it needs to be in Spanish, which we don't speak yet?   Please feel free to give your suggestions in the "Comment" field below.  We need all the help we can get!!

Thanks again for making this possible!

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