Tabasco Ice Cream

"Hi, my name is Jack Carmody and I am 8 years old.  I'm excited to teach people about Jesus and I'm also excited to live in new places so I can try new food; especially spicy food because that's my favorite."

This last weekend, Jack's dream came true.  We ventured out into Cajun country and toured the Tabasco factory that has been in operation since the 1800s.  We tried many different sauces, Tabasco soda pop and YES, even Tabasco ice cream - raspberry chipotle flavored.  Jack loved it!!!

A fellow missionary-in-training (Andy), who is from the area, has been enculturating us to everything Cajun.  We had lots of fun learning about some favorite past times: climbing Live Oaks, Spanish mossball fights and sledding Louisiana style.



We rounded out the day chasing an armadillo into a bamboo grove where the kids  learned how to climb the fallen culms.  As a side note, chasing armadillos has become Michael's favorite activity since he was banned from capturing snakes.

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