Team Carmody Arrives in Mexico

After 18 hours of travel and a miraculous border crossing (we’ll tell you more about that in another blog post), we arrived in General Cepeda, Mexico.  Shouts of joy and songs of praise and thanksgiving filled the air as this next phase of our training came to life before our very eyes. 

FMC owns a historical adobe home on the town square directly across from the church and next to city hall.  These buildings are all over 300 years old and are so beautiful.  Within the adobe walls there are two common plazas, a dining room and several small bedrooms.  This is the one our family gets to call home while we’re here.

We ventured out into town and found the cement slide, which is a favorite pastime for the locals.  This quickly became our favorite spot too.

Our missionary friends helped us compose a basic greeting in Spanish which allows us to offer people wooden crosses when the Spirit inspires us.  Thanks be to God, many have already been blessed by these simple gifts. 

A large part of the ministry here is at the ranchos.  We went to one earlier this week and will go to another tonight.  When we arrive, we visit people in their homes to bring them Jesus' love along with clothing, food and other necessities. 

We invite the people to the rancho chapel for praise and worship.  Here’s a photo of Chris’s debut performance in Mexico as he played “Alabare”. 

We’ve gone on home visits and are learning how to minister to those that come to the door for help.  In addition to the ministry work we’ve begun, we’re also continuing our studies.

Our first week here in Mexico has been glorious…even though there have been some minor adjustments…

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.  

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