Team Carmody is Going Where?

Get ready Peru... 
Here we come!!

It seems like we've said it 1,000 times..."FMC is currently sending families to China, India, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Haiti and the Philippines. We won't know where they're sending us until our training."  Although it seems like we've been waiting "forever" to find out, it's hard to believe that we finally know!!

As of January, San Hilarion will earn the title of "home".  San Hilarion is a medium-size town in the northern region of Peru, east of the Andes Mountains. It has about 3,500 people.

San Hilarion sits directly on the Huallaga River as shown above.  We've been told that it is in the "high jungle", which means there is a little bit of space between us and the creatures of the Amazon.  The surrounding villages are deep in the jungle so I'm guessing we'll experience that as we venture out for ministry.

You can locate San Hilarion on Google maps at
There are some street view photos that show exactly what the town is like.

The soon-to-be missionaries shortly after learning our Peruvian placements!

Our family is not going to Peru alone. In January another new missionary family as well as three singles will be moving to towns/villages nearby.  Our Intake group will join those currently serving in Peru: two families, a group of men and a group of woman. 

The Schmidt family is currently living in Caspizapa, a village about 10 minutes away from San Hilarion. They will be our mentors this first year. They're helping us secure housing, sign-up at language school, etc.

We don't know the specifics of our assignment or what types of ministries we'll be involved with, but as soon as we find out we'll post an update!!  Go Team Carmody!! 

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