Team Carmody Arrives in Peru

As FMC missionaries, we present ourselves as humble servants by kissing the ground of each place we’re called to serve.

Despite the fatigue from last minute packing, a 2 ½ hour ride to New Orleans, a 6 hour plane ride, and a 1:00 a.m. landing, we burst with excitement upon landing in Lima…”We’re here!!!”

During our layover, we camped out by the airport chapel with our friends and fellow missionaries - the Kiehls. 

We played a little…

Slept a little… ate a little and then boarded the plane for Tarapoto.

The Schmitts (another missionary family here in Peru) welcomed us with a beautifully made sign and lots of hugs. 

The Carmody, Schmitt and Kiehl kids in a six foot bed.

6 adults, 16 kids and about 35 pieces of luggage piled into two trucks.

We headed to Picotta, which is the town where the local priests live.  The kids were a little disappointed that the priest’s pet monkey wasn’t around, but they happily played on all the monkey’s hanging ropes.  We stayed our first night at the rectory.

This is the town of Picota.  It's about 45 minutes from San Hilarion.

The next day we loaded back into the trucks and drove through the  to San Hilarion, which we’re thrilled to call “home”.  Thanks a ton to all those praying for our placement.  We could tell from the minute we arrived that this is exactly where the Lord desires us to be…praise God!!     

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