An Unplanned Birthday Party

Each night we've been gathering the youth in the plaza to jump rope.  It is such a blast!!

One night last week we were packing up the jump ropes when the kids asked if we could have a birthday party at our house the next morning for one of the girls.  We say "yes" as much as possible...

Early the next morning we scrambled to make a cake and a birthday card.  Shayla was really excited to blow out a candle.  We sang Happy Birthday in English and Spanish, which everyone enjoyed.

In our broken Spanish we taught the kids to play Duck Duck Goose and Hot Potato.  


  1. So great-it's so nice to see you being so accepted by all the kids.I think then they'll be open to learning about their faith.What is the age span of the kids?

  2. The Lord is providing your Family a diversity of opportunities and challenges to which you appear very well suited to say "yes". We continue to pray for you all and love the work you're doing down there!


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