Katelyn's Volleyball Skills are a Big Hit!!

The two most popular pastimes here are volleyball and soccer. Everybody of every age plays and they're REALLY good!

Days after arriving in San Hilarion we inquired about playing. We were taken to the park where there is one court.  After sitting off to the side for one whole afternoon we figured out that only the highly skilled adults are permitted to play because they compete for money.

We bought a ball and just hit the ball around for a few days and the local kids were thrilled. A few days later Chris caught a ride into Taropoto (the bigger city where more things are available) and bought a net.  We setup our own court at the park and invited the kids to play.  Our only requirement was that everyone had to play for free.  

The local kids were so excited and quickly came to expect us to be there everyday; which we are.  This has allowed us to get to know the local kids really well.

Each night we have something going on at church: Monday, Wednesday and Friday we pray the rosary, Tuesday and Thursday we conduct a bible study.  When we finish volleyball each day we invite all the people in the park to join us at church and several of them come.  It's amazing and beautiful!!!

Please continue to pray for our mission.   Go TEAM CARMODY!!

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