Mama, Mama, a cama!!

This last month we've made so many friends here in San Hilarion.  The people are truly amazing!! In the last couple weeks we've gotten to know the family shown here - it's a mom and her two adult sons.  

During our family's morning prayer the Lord put on our hearts the needs of the hungry.  We left shortly after searching for an opportunity to serve those who were going without the basic necessities of life.  When we asked a friend to take us to those in need, she immediately headed for this family's home.  They are very poor, to say the least.   We learned that none of them have been able to find steady work and often can't afford food.  We went to the market that day and bought them all the basics (rice, beans, oil, plantains, potatoes, onions) as well as some special treats (eggs, sugar, bread). Anna asked if she could buy the food from the money she earned in Michigan.  Thanks again to all those that supported her fundraising efforts.  

Although we know we can't fix every problem we encounter, it was heartbreaking to discover that this mom and her two adult sons only had one bed  They take turns sleeping on the rotted foam mattress of sorts while the other two sleep on the dirt floor.

We had the carpenter here in town make them a bed frame.  We would have had him make two, but the family doesn't have enough room in their home for three bed frames.  We bought them three mattresses; two for the beds and one to store underneath.   This allows all three of them to sleep comfortably. 

This is the carpenter and his daughter delivering the mattress,
which you can see on top of the moto.
The family's home is the dirt one at the right edge of the photo.

Here is Jack with one of the sons and his mom.
She was much more excited than she appears in this picture.
I think she felt weird getting her picture taken.

As we were driving to their house with the bed, the son jumped up and yelled to his mom who was visiting a neighbor, "Mama, Mama, a cama!!" ("Cama" is "bed" in Spanish)  He ran ahead of our moto and kept leaping up.  He told several people that we passed, "We have a bed!"  Thank you Jesus for the opportunity to minister to those in such great need.

In the mornings I walk and pray my rosary.  One morning this same mom stopped me and asked if I would help her son.  He injured his knee.  When I went to their home I found the son laying in bed with a blazing fever and and large, infected wound on his leg.  I cleaned him up and cared for his wound as best I could.  Then, I spent time praying with the family.  The next morning I returned to redress the wounds and brought them a bible, rosaries, wooden comfort crosses and prayer cards. They were tearful with thanksgiving. Each day for a week I attended to the man's knee and prayed with the family.  It has been very powerful.

The Lord has worked wonders in this family these last few weeks. All three of them now have steady employment.  The mom and one son are working at a local farm several days a week.  The other son is working for the town's sanitation department.  Life is truly turning around, praise God!!!  They all walk with some pep in their steps and smiles on their faces.

Thank you Team Carmody for your constant "yes" to the Lord's call to missions!!

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