A Man's Dying Wish

Two days ago we were asked to visit a man who is dying.  Our friends hoped that we would pray with him and bring him the comfort and love of Our Lord during these last days.

While visiting, we learned that only a short while ago this man was healthy and active.  After suffering injuries from a moto accident his health quickly deteriorated.  His ankle was broken in five places, but without the money to have it fixed it remains inoperable and extremely painful.  He suspects damage to his internal organs because since the accident he hasn't been able to eat.  Every time he tries, he vomits.  Many other problems have arisen as well causing rapid weight lose, debilitating fatigue and pain.

This man accepted his fate and sat quietly in a small room waiting for death to come; however, there was one wish lingering in his heart: If only he could get to his hometown to die alongside his family members.

As we prayed with him, we gently hung a Miraculous Medal around his neck and placed a rosary in his hands.  He wept quietly and asked that we pray the Hail Mary.  Together we petitioned Mama Mary, that she would accompany him in this last phase of his journey back to Our Lord.  It was beautiful.

Very early the following morning we packed up his belongings and took him to the bus stop.

As we were waiting for the bus I was able to say in my broken Spanish, "Someday, I hope to see you in Heaven."  Peaceful tears fell from our eyes as we embraced.

Unable to walk, this man couldn't travel alone.  So, a friend and neighbor offered to accompany him to his home town which is 9 hours away.

We bid this beautiful man farewell as his friend carried him onto the bus.

As I waved good-bye, I quietly thanked Jesus for every one of you which have made it possible for us to be here in Peru.

I feel so honored to be able to serve His people each day.

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