Back to School Shopping

The Holy Spirit kept tugging at our hearts, telling us to visit a family that we met for the first time a few weeks ago.

Today, we went to visit.  We expected to buy them some food, read today's gospel and pray altogether since this is what we were able to do last time we went to their home.

Praise God, this visit was different. With improved language skills we could engage in a more meaningful conversation. We learned that the dad works at the rice mill, which is physically demanding. He is often unable to work because of the rain - none of the rice mills operate when it's raining because "the machines just don't work when it's raining."  During the rainy seasons, rice workers often struggle financially.  This family was especially concerned because school is starting next week and they couldn't afford uniforms and supplies for their kids.  (Here in Peru the school year goes from March to December.)  We walked with them to the store and bought them all that they needed to start the school year with a smile.

We had no idea why the Holy Spirit was nudging us to visit this family, but now we do.  We're so glad we listened.  These kids' were super happy to get new uniforms, shoes, socks, underwear, paper, pencils, etc.  By the looks on their faces, it seems that this may have been their first Back to School Shopping Spree.

A great big thanks to all those making it possible to brighten one person's day at a time here in Peru!!

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