Your Kids WILL Get Sick

During our training, our instructor at Family Missions Company said,

"Repeat after me, 'My kids will get sick.' "  We reluctantly repeated, "My kids will get sick."

He continued, "Repeat after me, 'I probably won't know what to do, but need to trust the Lord in all things.' "  We obeyed and repeated the difficult words.

Our 3 months of training prepared us well for missions; so well that we weren't shocked or alarmed when Michael broke out in a horrible rash all around his mouth.  The bumps were pussy and spread quickly.  We prayed - Please Lord, fill our hearts with peace and complete trust in You.  

We're happy to report that we've gotten antibiotics and he's on his way to healing.  Please pray for him during this time of recovery.


  1. We are praying for Michael's quick recovery. Elizabeth wants me to tell you we all love you very much. We wish you success on bringing more people to Christ.
    The Boda Bunch

  2. I'm thrilled to report that Michael has completely recovered from his mysterious "pussy bump" syndrome. There is some mild scaring, but it seems to be fading from exposure to the sun. After it all clears away the only thing that will remain is our increased faith and trust in the Lord. Thank you Jesus for all the opportunities to learn how to surrender completely!!!

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