A Glimpse of Language School

Our room at the hostel
Feeling lifeless after a 40 hour bus ride through the Andes Mountains, we tumbled out of the taxi and dragged ourselves to the door of the hostel we would call home for the next month. Finally, I was able to say the much anticipated words, "We're here!!"

We unpacked our bags and settled into our room.  There were 6 beds, a couple bureaus and a bathroom.  In a nearby room we had access to a stove, sink and fridge.  This was perfect!!

Next on the agenda was finding language school.  The following day we ventured out into the city and wandered around until we came upon a building whose address matched our paper.  A sign by the door read "Gringlish". This must be it!  

Our legs got quite the workout as we walked about 3 miles to language school each day...and 3 miles back home.

Our brains got a workout too as we practiced our Spanish skills with everyone we met.

Although everyone gets an A+ for strength, endurance and a positive attitude, we didn't win any awards for speed.  Everyday we made TONS of stops along the way.

We bought food from the street vendors.

This man's response captures the joy people experienced
when we allowed Jesus' love to shine through us.

We visited with those we met and did our best to share the Good News.

When the Holy Spirit prompted us to provide some relief in their times of hardship, we would walk with them to buy food.

Most nights, after language school, we sat in the center plaza and ate dinner (fruit and bread).

Some days we stopped at the park to play.

One evening, at the park, we ran into our new friend Benjamin; a fellow Christian who is head over heels in love with the Lord.

Benjamin invited us to his pastor's wife's birthday party later that night.

Why not???
Benjamin (the man in the white shirt and gray pants)
played the pan flute, a traditional Peruvian instrument.
At the party Chris rocked the house with the Peruvian guys as they led the group in praise and worship.

When we said "yes" we had no idea that we would still be shouting with joy to the Lord at 11:30 PM.

Language school has been challenging, but thankfully our instructors made it a lot of fun!!

Chris and I were super lucky to have David as our instructor.
Although he crammed a ton into each lesson, he always made it fun!!

Katelyn and Anna's instructor was Carol.  She worked the girls hard in class and always sent them home with tons of homework.

The boys had a fun guy named Lalo who taught them songs and card games.  They learned through stories and role-playing.  

Now that we're able to talk with people in Spanish, we're excited to get back "home" to San Hilarion so that we can bring the joy of the gospel to those the Lord has called us to serve.

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