Mandatory Fun Time

"Make time for fun and relaxation!!!"
Those were our strict marching orders as we left Louisiana for our first mission assignment in Peru.  

"You WILL get burned out if you don't take time for yourselves!"
we were told very clearly.

As hard as it is sometimes, we've tried our best to obey.

Here are some photos of two different day trips we took recently.

Outing #1: 3 Hour Van Ride Through the Mountains to a Port City
We drove through the mountains for a couple hours to reach a port city
which lies on a large river which meets up with the Amazon.
This was our first big outing in Burrito Gris (our van).
She struggled a bit, but managed to make it with God's help.
We stopped along the way to give everyone,
including Burrito Gris, a much needed break.
When we arrived in town we headed for the Central Plaza.
It didn't take us long to find the more interesting parts of town.
Here is the waterfront where the locals bring their wares in and out of town for sale.

Outing #2: Hike Through the Jungle to a Waterfall
We hiked for over an hour to get to the swimming hole
beneath a beautiful waterfall in the jungle.
Jack and Michael had a lot of fun
exploring the jungle.

When we arrived at the waterfall we swam in the refreshing natural pool.
Here's a picture of our crew having lunch by the waterfall: Father Leo,the Schmidt family,
Andy, Russ and Miguel (our single guys), Jack and Michael.
These outings are exactly what we needed to be refreshed and ready to go "make disciples of all nations."

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