The Blind See

Matthew 9:27-30

27 As Jesus went on his way two blind men followed him shouting, 'Take pity on us, son of David.' 28 And when Jesus reached the house the blind men came up to him and he said to them, 'Do you believe I can do this?' They said, 'Lord, we do.' 29 Then he touched their eyes saying, 'According to your faith, let it be done to you.' 30 And their sight returned.

The Bible is full of miraculous events.  Some people think miracles don't happen anymore, but we have witnessed miracles that left us speechless; things that were indisputably the work of God. Other times His intervention has been less obvious, but none the less extraordinary. Recently, we had the privilege of experiencing a miracle that Jesus worked right here in San Hilarion.

There is a woman in our town whose heart beats for Jesus. She loves being at church and desires to attend every gathering there. Over the last 5 months, we have only seen her around town when she has been accompanied by her grand-daughters. She grasps their arms much the same way a blind person clings to his/her leader. She would walk carefully, feeling the ground with her feet. She swayed her arm in front of her to feel for approaching objects like a pew.

One day, I sat down next to her in church to chat. She squinted at me and smiled when she recognized my voice. "Oh hermanita" she began to say, "desearia poder verte." (Oh, little sister, I wish I could see you.) As I talked with her I noticed that her glasses were REALLY old and incredible scratched. It looked like the lens has been scrubbed on a rough cement sidewalk.

I asked her if she would like new glasses. She perked up and began talking too quickly for me to understand. I could only gather that she would LOVE new glasses, but she could never afford to buy them. Plus, it would require a trip into the big city, which she also couldn't afford.

Thanks be to God and the generous donations of our benefactors, we were able to buy her new glasses.

Although this may not seem like a miracle, I believe it is. According to the dictionary, a miracle is "a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency."

The probability of us arriving here in San Hilarion at exactly the time that this woman needed new glasses is minute. We could have been sent anywhere in the world. Jesus, who is the divine agency the dictionary refers to, placed us here for her. He wanted us to bring her His love and compassion. He wanted her to feel His love through us...through you.

When our friend put on her new glasses she giggled, talked really quickly in an excited voice and then started to cry.  She explained that she thought she was going blind.  She thought she would never see again.  She turned to me and looked at me with wide eyes and said, "Oh hermanita, eres hermosa!" (Oh, little sister, you are beautiful!)  My tears joined hers as we embraced.

Now, our friend comes to church every morning by herself to join us for morning prayer. She goes to the market by herself and enjoys going for walks around town.  I feel especially joyful when I see her chatting with someone she has seen along the way.  She radiates a new joy.... the joy of Christ Himself.  She was blind, but now can see.  She received the gift of sight from Jesus Himself.

Jesus works miracles everyday; they may not always look like those in the Bible, but they are every bit as real. We pray for openness, that we may all be more aware of His presence and give Him the glory for all the miracles He works...  All the blessings He bestows upon us every day!!!

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