The Youth Group Caught on Fire

The hearts of the young adults in our region have 
caught on FIRE for Jesus, 
praise be to God!!!  

Madre Eugenia, a young nun from Chile, serves the youth in our area.  About 18 months ago she began organizing bonfires for the young adults which include praise and worship, scripture, reflections/ meditations, as well as games and light refreshments.                                                                           Each time a bonfire is scheduled the youth in the surrounding pueblos are encouraged to attend. Over a hundred kids travel upwards of two hours (each way) on camionetas, motos and motorcycles to join the fun.  When possible, we load up our van and shuttle kids from San Hilarion so that they can enjoy this time of fellowship.  

A few weeks ago our community hosted the 'fogata" (Spanish for "bonfire").  Using rocks and sawdust, the kids created an enormous cross inside of an even bigger heart.  The silence of the night erupted in cheers when the heart and cross were set ablaze.   

During the "fogata" Chris and I gave a talk on recognizing the presence of the devil in our daily activities.  We had groups of kids shout words  like "compassionate", "frustrated" and "jealous".  Then, everyone else had to indicate who wants us to feel that way by yelling either "Jesus" or "Diablo" (which is "devil" in Spanish).  It was both insightful and fun.

We humbly ask for your prayers as we continue to work with the nuns to foster friendships between kids who love Jesus.

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