No Water - By Michael

This is our well.

When I turn the faucet on I expect water to come out. Today we turned the faucet on and nothing came out. When this happens I usually go into the backyard and switch a switch for the pump in the well to turn on. It takes about a half hour for our tank to fill up.

Today we turned the pump on for 40 minutes but the water never came out. I looked in the well and saw the water was too low for the pipe.

I got a bucket from the backyard and we tied a rope to the bucket. My mom tried to throw the bucket in but she did not get any water. Then I tried to throw the bucket in.

I have really good experience and I got the water out.

We washed the dishes with the water we got from the well.

Me and my mom talked about taking things for granted - that means we think things are supposed to be a certain way.

Me and my mom talked about being resourceful too - that means we do things that we don't know how to do but we figure em' out.  Missionaries always have to be resourceful because they are really poor and don't have all the stuff rich people have.


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