Christmas Donations Put to Great Use

Dear Carmody family,

     Merry Christmas.  Please use our donation to buy the people in Peru something nice for Christmas.

               Members of 
                  Team Carmody

We felt SO blessed by the extra donations sent in for Christmas, but OH how this sent our minds whirling: toys? clothes? food?  What could we possibly buy for everyone is town?


"Lord, what is the perfect gift for people that have so little and need so much?  Please Lord, help us."

Immediately, the Lord responded, "They don't need stuff.  They need ME!!"

"Yes, yes, of course Lord, but what does that look like at this special time of year?  What can we do that's different from our regular ministries?  Is there something we can give people that will draw them closer to you?  Please Lord, guide us!"

Jesus tells us to ask and we SHALL receive.  We asked for guidance and Jesus provided.

During prayer, the Lord placed on our hearts the idea of having pictures made that could teach people the story of Jesus' birth; pictures that people would hopefully hang in their homes all year...

                       ...and so we did.

We designed a 5-panel storyboard, using pictures from the movie The Nativity Story. Beneath each picture are corresponding scripture passages which explain the nativity story.

Praise God, we found someone in Tarapoto able to print them, mount them and add cords for hanging - all for about $1 each.

During the week leading up to Christmas we visited as many houses as we could and gave away hundreds of pictures. At each house we explained the pictures and summarized the story of Jesus' birth. Some were familiar and smiled as they followed along. Others admitted that they were familiar with Jesus, but had never really heard the story of His birth. At some houses the people studied the images carefully and listened intently because it was the first time they had heard the story.

Each visit was blessed and we had the opportunity to get to know many more people in our town.

Here are better images of the storyboard along with our brief description.  Upon leaving, we encouraged each recipient to read the more detailed explanation below the pictures. Some even said that they would like to read the whole story in the bible.  Praise God!!!

The angel Gabriel visited Mary and asked her to be the mother of God.

As we know Mary said, "yes".
Here, Mary is pregnant with Jesus.  She and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem.
In Bethlehem, Jesus was born.
After Jesus was born, the shepherds visited Baby Jesus.

The three wise men also visited Baby Jesus.
We are incredibly blessed to have such an amazing team behind us, praying for us and supporting our mission.  We thank God for clarity in our discernment and continue to pray that each day we're able to draw people closer and closer to Jesus.

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