Mattress Ministry

As November faded into December we turned our attention to Christmas.  While reflecting on Luke's beautiful bible story, images of Baby Jesus sleeping in the manger filled our minds.  

In prayer we asked Baby Jesus to guide our hearts and our mission: "What can we do to bring relief to those in most need during this special season?" 

Baby Jesus gave us the word 

Katelyn and Anna presented our idea to the youth group - They would search San Hilarion for anyone who sleeps on the ground.  Our family could buy them mattresses and then the youth group would deliver them.  The group loved the idea and set out days later to complete their task.  After one day they had 31 names....amazing!!!

We bought the mattresses and piled them onto our van.

During the week leading up to Christmas the kids began delivering the mattresses.

We were all happiest to bring relief to the man known as "the town drunk" who has nothing but a thin, urine-soaked foam pad and a holey mosquito net.

The kids here are well acquainted with poverty, but even their hearts ached seeing how this man lives.

This woman has been sleeping on wooden slats for years. Although she didn't say much, the twinkle in her eyes spoke volumes about her gratitude.

As we left one woman's house she smiled and asked if we like "cuy" (guinea pig).

I explained that we haven't had the opportunity to try this delicacy yet because they are expensive.  The people in our town that have cuy don't eat them, they sell them.

She smiled and said that she would send her son to get us for dinner soon.

Another family expressed their gratitude by bringing us fish that they had just caught in the river.

25 families were blessed with new mattresses for Christmas; most received one mattress, but many families needed several.  This small gesture brought relief to over a hundred people who previously had bad sleeping situations.  Some had been sleeping on the floor, others slept on wooden planks and almost all of them were sharing their space with siblings, parents or other relatives.

Thank you Jesus for guiding our hearts to those in need during this special season.

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