A Great Start to Year #2 at the Orphanage

I've never thought of taking a picture of the
front of the orphanage. I found this picture online
from their grand opening in December 2015.

Casa Hogar is an orphanage in the remote village of Shamboyacu. which is deep within the Ponasa valley.

It is run by three nuns from Bolivia and Paraguay, with the help of our two amazing missionary priests from Spain.

Currently Casa Hogar houses 39 girls, ages 8-16, whose parents have either abandoned them or died. In most cases, one parent passed away and shortly thereafter the surviving parent disappeared; leaving their child/ren in the hands of individuals who often times expected things in return for the care they were providing.

In November 2016 Anna's dance class
had a recital for the community.
Last year we felt the Holy Spirit tugging at our hearts to spend time at Casa Hogar.  Unsure of what the Lord had in mind, we simply showed up and allowed Him to shape our ministry. As it was, we ended up going twice a month. Anna started each visit with a dance class, our beloved friend Charo prepared a delicious dinner, and afterward Katelyn and I facilitated activities which emphasized the importance of our dignity and worth as daughters, and therefore princesses, of the King. It wasn't until the school year came to an end (in December of 2016) that we realized just how much our time together meant to the girls at "Shambo". As we bid each other farewell, we were all filled with the hope that we would be reunited again this year.

The girls gooble up every meal that Charo prepares!!!

All thanks be to God for allowing this ministry to continue!!!

In April, we traveled out to Shambo to meet the new bunch of girls who feel honored to call Casa Hogar their home. The evening rang with laughter and cheer as we jumped rope, listened to Christian pop, and enjoyed a scrumptious meal. During that initial trip we made arrangements to visit Casa Hogar twice a month along with FMC's team of single ladies: Olivia, Cassie and Sophia.

Anna and Cassie are teaching a dance class for the girls ages 8 to 11.

Katelyn, Olivia and Sophia are leading a dance class for the girls 12 and older.

In this photo Charo is wearing clothes
donated by Team Carmody

Our friend Charo has agreed to participate in this ministry as our expert chef. Given their normal fare of rice, yucca, plantains and beans, the girls burst with excitement when Charo prepares dishes with chicken and vegetables.

After dinner each time we will present a different activity.

Last night we made covers for the bibles we've given them. Those who are new to Casa Hogar were thrilled to have bibles of their own. Those who have returned were thankful for an easy way to distinguish their bibles from all the others sitting on the shelf.

Some of the girls were really silly and just enjoyed doing a fun activity together.

Other girls took the task really seriously, but enjoyed it all the same.

We'll return to Shambo in two weeks to finish our bible covers and begin our next activity.

We're all really excited to have this time together and thank God for reuniting us this year!!

Thank you for taking time to read about what the Lord has been doing through Team Carmody.  Please pray for our continued success as we work hard to preach the gospel and serve the poor here in Peru.

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