A Video Snippet of Our Ride Into the Jungle

Each month our family takes a 4-6 hour truck ride into the mountainous valley of Bombonajillo to bring the Good News to people in remote villages.

In the past we've tried to capture the hilarity which ensues during our trips in and out, but snapshots don't seem to suffice; especially because we can only use our camera when we're not hanging on for dear life. We hesitate to take photos while crossing rivers, bouncing between huge boulders or creeping up ridiculously steep inclines, which means our pictures only illustrate the "good" sections of the road.

We hope you enjoy this video clip which provides a sample of what the "good" sections of the road are like during a dry spell. Keeping in mind that we're in the jungle, "dry" is relative. On our way in this last time the locals told us they hadn't gotten a "real" rain in weeks and felt blessed by the condition of the road. Who would have guessed?

After watching this video, we hope you better understand what we mean when we say that the roads are sometimes "impassible".  If it rains while we're in the valley visiting, we're stuck there until the road dries up and drivers are able to pass through.  The most we've ever been delayed is two days, but we've heard stories of people being unable to leave for weeks. Although that may seem like a big deal, it's not. We cherish our time visiting these communities and welcome the Lord's plan each and every time we go. Enjoy the clip...

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