Mission Formation is Underway

Family Missions Company (FMC) is a well of wisdom that never runs dry.  Collectively, there are lifetimes of experience that we constantly draw from to aid us in the field. One example has been the implementation of Mission Formation here in Peru.

At FMC Mission Formation was historically 
held at Our Lady of the Bayou, which is 
their retreat house in Abbeville, Louisiana.
At FMC, Mission Formation has been a time dedicated to raising up local missionaries. Each week the FMC staff, along with folks from the surrounding community, would gather to praise the Lord, share testimonies regarding mission activity, encourage one another in the mutual pursuit of evangelization and enjoy a meal together.

Several months ago our FMC team leaders were inspired to start Mission Formation here in Peru to assist in our effort of raising up local missionaries. As such, Mission Formation is now underway. We gather on the first Saturday of each month at the Catholic church's retreat center.

Yesterday, nine people joined us for this time of encouragement and sharing.

Our priests' supporters in Spain have donated all the needed funds
to build a new church on the grounds of the retreat center in Picota.
This will be a beautiful place of worship for years to come!!

We began with praise and worship.

Next, we reviewed the kerygma, which is the apostolic proclamation of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Our participants practiced sharing a 3-minute version of the kerygma during the role-play activities.

There was great conversation regarding the opportunities we have to share the Good News, along with some common challenges.  Our local missionaries were really excited about the instruction as well as their "homework" assignment to practice.

It still amazes me that we can get a plate full of
chicken, rice and french fries, along with a fresh salad
for about $2.

Afterward we usually share a meal on the retreat house grounds, but the woman who typically prepares the food was unavailable.

Thanks to the generosity of Team Carmody, we were able to take the group to a local restaurant for a yummy chicken dinner.

After dinner we were able to attend Holy Mass altogether in Picota, which made our celebration of Pentecost extra special.

We look forward to gathering again in July and would appreciate any prayers offered for the success of this ministry.

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