Giving People the Chance to Read God's Word

Charo was astonished to realize that she
could only read the top two lines of the eye chart
clearly. The third line was blurry and below that
was a complete mystery. 

There are SO many people here that have horrific vision.

Although poor sight makes life difficult, in general, our greatest desire is that these people can read the bible.

Angie couldn't stop laughing when
she realized how little she's always
been able to see - "Wow, I'm pathetic", she kept saying.

We thought the answer was purchasing large print bibles, but in prayers we kept getting the feeling that glasses were a better way to go.

Like mother, like daughter.  Charo and her
daughter Angie are so excited to be able to
see each other from a distance now.  It's so cute!!

We're not able to provide glasses for every person in need, but we have been able to help those that we've gotten to know who desire to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus by reading His Word.

Isaac hasn't stopped smiling for weeks.
He feels incredibly grateful for the new
perspective he now has on life...

There is an optometrist in a city about 30 minutes away, that is easily accessible and affordable.

We look forward to helping others as well, which we are only able to do thanks to Team Carmody!!!

We'd love to hear from you via email:

If the Holy Spirit is nudging you to support us financially, please visit:
or call Family Missions Company at
(337) 893-6111

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