I Saw a Parasite by Michael

Do You Know What This Is?

When we were hiking in Chanchomayo my friend found a parasite squirming by the side of a puddle. Before this I could  never imagine what parasites look like, but now I know.

I know that there are parasites in the food and water and even on the ground.

We have to try to keep the parasites out of our bodies.

When we wash our hands the parasites get killed.

We  have to cut our nails a lot so there isn't a bunch of dirt under them.  

It is easy for parasites to get underneath your nails. Then they eat through your skin and get into your body.

We need to use bottled water to drink and to brush our teeth because there are really tiny  parasites in the water. 

When they get in your body they grow big like the one in the video. 

When the parasites are in your body it's bad because they eat all the nutrients in your food and you don't get any.

If you you don't wear shoes the parasites will crawl under your nails and into any little holes or cuts you have on your feet.   

It's hard to remember to put my shoes on because everybody just forgets their shoes in the house and plays in bare feet.

There is no way not to get parasites because they are everywhere.  When we have diarrhea, we're really tired and we don't want to eat anything we know we have parasites in our body.

You have to make diarrhea in a little sample cup and take it to the doctor.  He checks the sample to see what kind of parasites you have and then gives you medicine.  In about 4 days you will feel better.  

I just found out that I have E. coli.

My parents and brother and sisters have parasites too so we all need to take medicine.

Now that I've seen a parasite I know what it is and I don't want to have one in my body.  I wash my hands more and take showers more.  I clean my nails and cut them. I know I should wear my shoes, but it's really hard.


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