Anna's Kid Ministry in San Hilarion, Peru

Anna has a special love for children.  The Lord has blessed her with so many gifts and talents that allow her to animate them and lead them closer to Jesus' Sacred Heart.

A couple weeks ago Anna held a kids' program in church that she initiated, organized and facilitated completely independently.  It was a huge success.  Here are some fun photos and a video of her special evening.

First, they did the Mummy Wrap game. Each group used two roles of toilet paper to wrap a team member as completely as possible in the allocated time.  It was especially challenging because the toilet paper here is so thin and breaks apart so easily.  The kids had to be fast, but super gentle.

Michael and his friends had tons of fun!

The second activity was Bobbing for Apples.  The kids had never done anything like this before, so they were super excited.  There was non-stop laughing as each kid took a deep breath and plunged into the water.

When the first kid came up with an apple in his mouth the whole room erupted in cheers.  It was really silly!

Anna had coloring sheets for the kids, which is always fun because coloring isn't a common activity here.  We regularly encounter kids that have never colored a picture in their lives and they LOVE it!  Another activity was making bracelets and necklaces with a bead kit that we received as a gift from a member of Team Carmody when we were in the States visiting last year.  Although we had used some of the materials from this kit, we have been saving the lion's share for a special event.  Anna's kid ministry was exactly the event we've been waiting for.  The kids all left with something really special that reminded them of the fun they had at church.  It was perfect!

The last activity of the night was singing and dancing. Anna does such a great job of bringing a room to life with her silly songs and fun dance moves.  Here's a short video clip of one song:

With much excitement Anna is already planning her next event.  Please continue to pray for her as she works hard to utilize the special gifts that God has given her to bring people closer to Jesus.

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