Psst! I Think It's Real!

Although I lack credentials, I've been thrown into the role of drug rehab coach. As such, I'm constantly trying to figure out how to help the teens in our town avoid and resist temptations.  At times the answer is simply getting away.

Last Sunday, after our big celebration for Charo (see blog post "Party for 300 ~ No Problem")
I wanted nothing more than to collapse in bed.  However, my Precious Sheep needed to get away and so we did...

Upon arriving in Picota the kids went to walk around the plaza, "hang-out" and play a bike racing game at the PlayStation shop.  I was happy to find a comfy spot upon a cement bench and snuggle up with my bible. 

Despite my debilitating fatigue, the Lord led me to the book of Ephesians, which I absolutely love, and kept me awake long enough to read the whole book twice.  Despite the profound messages of conversion and proper conduct, my gaze kept falling upon 6:10 which says, "Draw your strength from the Lord and from His mighty powers." 6:12 reminds us that "Our struggle is not with flesh and blood, but with the... evil spirits in the heavens."  As I was sitting quietly in prayer, the huge jungle mosquitoes were attempting to eat me alive.  Realizing that I needed both hands to defend myself against my attackers I propped up my bible, laid the rose that I had received as a gift upon the page, and continued to meditate on St. Paul's words.

As the army of mosquitoes departed I was able to relax a bit more and eventually drifted off to sleep. In a quasi state of comatose I heard familiar voices, but I lacked both the desire and energy to interact with anyone so I kept my eyes closed hoping they would go away. This is what I heard from two of my Precious Sheep:

Two of my Precious Sheep:
Ivan (left) and Jherson (right)
Ivan: Look, she's sleeping. 

Jherson: I think she was reading her bible.

Ivan: She always wants to read her bible.

Jherson: I know. (picking up my bible) Look at this page.

Ivan: She always draws on the pages that have her favorite verses. Can you tell what these say?

Jherson: (studying the page) This word means 'strength'. This word means 'from'. This part means 'the Lord's power'. It probably says something about getting strength from God. 

Ivan: That's cool! 

Jherson: I think it's real.

Ivan: What?

Jherson: This Jesus thing that she's always talking about. I think it's what makes her so strong.  

Ivan: I think so too.

Jherson: When she talks about Jesus she's always so happy. It's like she's glowing.

Ivan: I know. It's cool.

Jherson: Come on, let's go. I don't want to wake her up.

I never opened my eyes. I simply laid still and wept at the goodness of God, who allowed me to overhear this conversation. I've been worried about Jherson because there has been a sense of resistance within him; a resistance to Jesus's love.  It's as if he's scared to believe that love is real. I thank God for everything that He is doing through us in this place....for Jherson, Ivan and so many others.  I thank God for Team Carmody who makes it all possible. Please continue to pray for us as we try hard to remain docile to the Holy Spirit and seek the Lord's will inside of every moment.

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