Peru Medical Mission 2018 (by Chris..with lots of photos)

We helped serve well over 100 people each day
Our Peruvian missionary community was very blessed to have the opportunity to host a group of 22 nursing students from Benedictine College in Atchinson, Kansas along with 4 practicing nurses that also came along for the mission trip.  The group arrived on Saturday, March 3rd and departed on Saturday, March 10th.  

Our entire family was able to serve alongside them on Monday-Wednesday as they visited Picota, Bellavista and our very own, San Hilarion.  We were also blessed to lead praise and worship for them on the Wednesday morning.  Katelyn and Anna were able to help one additional day out in a far away pueblo called Almirante Grau.  The group was as extreme blessing to our entire family and it was an honor to serve the needs of the poor for three days with them.
Anna joyously serving as a translator 
The church hall where the mission took place on Monday in Picota

Jack and Michael being their usual silly selves

Our family served in different capacities: Karen, Katelyn, Anna and I helped with translation for the visiting nurses that did not speak Spanish, Karen and I also prayed over the people at the prayer station that we setup at each site and our sons, Jack and Michael, helped to be runners and to bring the people from the registration desk to the triage station and also in entertaining the smaller children with medical glove balloons and their usual comedic selves.  Included are photos from the 3 different days our whole family participated.

Katelyn is a wonderful translator and really does a great job at it
Karen and Dawn steeped in fervent prayer with a woman
Katelyn is so willing to help and with such a great attitude....we are so blessed to have her in our family!
Karen just finished praying with this woman who had just learned her child has cerebral palsy
One of the short-term missionaries enjoying a fun moment with Madre Magdelena who is the Mother Superior
of the Servants of the Poor, Daughters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

One of the fascinating people that came to the mission.  He was in an accident and part of his brain was exposed.  They used organ tissue from his abdomen to sew onto the top of his head to cover up his brain.

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