A House for Maria (by Chris)

We wanted to close the loop on another one of the work projects that we started back in June & July when the short-term mission trip was with us in Peru.  We built 2 houses, one for Loyda, which you can read about in the blog, Welcome Home Loyda and one for Maria, our neighbor and the mother of our dear little sheep, Jose & Fernando.  We last left off with the blog, Sometime Fruition Begins with Demolition to show the start of the process for Maria's house.  Yes, the same Jose & Fernando that we wrote about in the blog post: Loving My Enemies and that we have mentioned numerous times in other newsletters and blog posts.  As we had mentioned, the short-term missionaries were only here for a week and a half and there was only so much construction that could be done in that time.  After they all left, the construction continued with our good friend, Pablo and was assisted by some other missionaries that were in Peru for a Peruvian Intake (i.e. missionary formation) that took place during the months of June and July.  We were also blessed that our friends from the U.S. the Smith family were able to come and visit us in Peru and to help out with finishing both houses as well.

We were able to complete a home that could house not only Maria, Jose and Fernando, her little daughter Brittany and also her newborn baby but also Maria's two older daughters (one of which was somewhat estranged and living across town with another family).  To see them all reunited under one roof, with running water where Maria could wash the clothes of her children small children and could have a space for a kitchen to prepare meals for her family was very rewarding.  So we would like to share some of the photos of the continued work and what the final product looked like and how joyful Jose and Fernando are in their new house.

Maria's previous home

First, we will start with the before picture to jog your memory if you have read some of the previous blogs and newsletters or if you haven't had the chance to see how this family was living.

The inside of the house
The view from the backside of the home

The Smith family really helped to get the walls and the floors done
Our friends, the Smith family, came down for a visit in July to help with the construction efforts....they were such great missionaries and their visit really blessed our family and the community tremendously!

Pouring a cement floor for Maria's family

Anna with Maria, Jose, Fernando & Brittany

The finished product from the outside

The main living room
One of the two bedrooms, which is for the older daughters
The other bedroom where the boys
Fernando showing us their pet bird that they have in their new home

We are so happy to share what our Lord was able to do for this family using the support of so many people around the world to make it all happen.  Thank you all for your help in making this all possible and please pray for Maria and her family that they may continue to lean on Our Lord in all things.

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