A look at St. Massimo Parish

In the U.S. (outside of Louisiana), we think of a parish as being synonymous with the church that we attend (unless you are in Louisiana, where that is the name for what other states call counties).  Both in Peru and here in Kenya, a parish is the central "mother" church for a given geographical locale which is surrounded by smaller churches that have mass much less frequently.  Here in Kenya, the name of the parish we are staying at is St. Massimo, who was a missionary martyr from Tunisia in the 3rd century.  The parish is surrounded by many smaller Christian communities, some of which have churches built, some have smaller prayer houses and some are just a few families that get together to pray and read the bible.

We are settling into life here in Mikinduri, Kenya and have been praying that The Holy Spirit guides our mission work here.  For now, we have been moving in, attending many firsts and meeting lots of new people.  Please pray for our family to be docile to The Holy Spirit and to follow His lead!  Enjoy the photos and the captions.

Peace In Him, Chris

Michael playing with a bunch of new friends!!!
There are lots of trees here....like this huge mango tree, the mangos are small right now though...can't wait!!!
This is the entrance from the road to the parish "compound"

This is where we stayed when we first arrived, it is part of the rectory.

This is the front view of the old church, which is used as a hall now.

This is a view of the new church from the front.
This is a view of the altar and the tabernacle.
This is an outdoor meeting area for small groups.

We have cows here which provide fresh milk for the kids at the school and for our family!

This is St. Dorothy's school which is also here inside the parish "compound".

We also have fresh bananas that grow here!
Schoolkids working on a farming project for the cows.  They all worked together to get it done in one day!
Here is a photo of our house from the outside.

One of us will be writing another blog soon about our house (which they reconstructed from an office and turned into a wonderful home which can also be repurposed as part of a convent in the future).  We will also keep in touch with more blogs about our missionary adventures here in Kenya.  Also, please pray that we are able to locate a dependable vehicle in good working condition.  Please check back soon for more updates.

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Thank you and God Bless!
Peace In Him, Chris Carmody

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