Language School in Nairobi ~ by Anna

Hi everyone, it’s Anna! We’re at language school in Nairobi! The language school we’re going to is also a seminary for what are called the Consolata Missionaries. They are priests and nuns who are sent to other countries that are in need of religious to work to build up the church. This language school opens its instruction to outsiders, like us, which helps to fund their order.

Our language school is a compound that has the school building, theology building, kitchen, men’s and women’s corridors, 2 chapels, a farm and athletic fields.  My guess, for whatever it's worth, is that our compound is about 20 acres. It’s pretty safe here.

There is a guard at the entrance to the compound 24-7 and it’s off the main street and on a not-busy road.

This is the front of our language school building.

This is the back of our language school.

In the compound, there is a woman who cooks for everyone. For breakfast every day she makes Chai tea and we have a piece of bread.

For lunch and dinner we have rice, some kind of meat, beans, cabbage, lentils, noodles, a Kenyan food called ugali, and things like that.

The other night there was a special treat waiting for us - pig snout soup.

The seminary / language school compound is pretty much self- sufficient.

On their farm there are chickens, cows, pigs, goats, and rabbits... Yeah, we don't really know what they do with the rabbits but we're pretty sure they eat them.

We've been so blessed by having fresh milk from the cows each day.

Jack and Michael have been able to go for walks with their language teacher a few times to learn all the names of all the animals in Swahili.

Here is a picture of us with some of the other people that live here at the compound.  We play soccer and basketball with them in the afternoon sometimes when we're all free.

At first we split up so Jack and Michael were in one class, Mom and I were in another class together, and then Katelyn and my Dad were in their own class.

We did that for the first two weeks, but then we had to change because of a conflict with the teachers' schedules.

Now Jack and Micheal are in a class with Dad and Katelyn.

We have class for 4 hours each day during the week, but not on Saturday or Sunday.

It's been awesome we've had many good conversations about our faith with Agnes, our language teacher.

Here is picture of Mom and I in our class with Agnes.

Here is a video of Mom and I speaking in Swahili.  We wrote our script from what's in our minds, which is cool because we've only had two weeks of class so far.

Here's another silly quote of Mom and I working on memorizing our verbs.  It's so confusing because so many of the words sound alike.... kukufa, kukafuta, kufuka...ugghhh!

God works in so many wonderful ways! God was definitely at work when it was decided which of us would get which teacher because He had little plans for each of us.

Here are Dad and Katelyn in class with their teacher Patrick.

Here is a video of Dad, Katelyn, Jack and Michael introducing themselves in Swahili.

These are the two chapels here at our compound.  We've been very blessed by being here with this wonderful community.

Pray that God continues to open our mouths and minds to learn this new language so we can teach people about the GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!

Also please pray that we can make some friends because we'ave all been feeling a little lonely.

Thanks for reading my blog.

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