Our Lego & Real House in Mikinduri by Jack

Hello from Kenya!  Hamjambo!  I am writing to tell you about our house in Mikinduri.  I will tell my story with photos and captions.  I hope you enjoy it!

This is the back room in our house.  I did not have enough pieces to make the closet.

This is the the hallway where our bedrooms are located . 
My Dad and Mom's room, my sister's room and then our room.

This is our kitchen and very cramped bathroom.

 This is the view of the whole house without a roof.

This is me on the kitchen counter with my creation.
This is our cozy but nice dinner table.

This is our sink where we do the dishes and a bar of soap.

 This is a better view of our Lego made clothes drying.

Another angle of our kitchen and the grey thing in the back is our stove and oven.

This is a view of our backyard with a washer.
This is the real deal clothesline in the real backyard.

 This is the shower head that heats the water as we use it.

This is where the school and us burn are trash.
Here is Michael protecting the fridge with no electricity.
 This is the real washing machine FR. B gave us.

 Here is the view into the backyard from the backdoor.

Here is the legomania with me and Michael.
 This is the view in the back bathroom from the door.

This is where we do schoolwork with our teacher.....Mom.

Here is Michael sitting on the couch with his box.

 This is Katelyn sitting in the family room.
 Here is the view into the real kitchen....very nice.

Here is where put food scraps to feed to the parish pigs.
 This is the water filter where we get water from to drink.

Here is my Mom sitting at the dinner table.

 This is our fence and gate to make sure nobody gets in the house.

 Here are our friends from the neighboring school.

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