What are the Carmodys up to in quarantine? by Anna

So I want to do this blog for two reasons, the first being because I know my mom would never do a blog about her own awesome ministry.  She has a gift of being bold in her faith that amazes me.  During this time of quarantine all we are suppose to do is go to the store for groceries.  My mom has found a way to tell people about Jesus even with the limitations.  She tries to buy as much of our food on the streets as possible to support the small businesses.  It has been a bold witness to all the street vendors that she walks.  In the neighborhood we are staying in there are many wealthy foreigners that hire locals for construction, housekeeping, etc.  After buying something she proceeds to ask them about their life, tell them about Jesus, and then pray with them.  It's not just once, but almost every time she goes out.  I think in this ministry my mom brings Mother Teresa's quote, "We don't have to do great things, but little things with great love." to life.

These are a few of the many stories that she has told when she gets home.

There were young construction workers working on a project at the mall down the road and my mom bought waters for them and talked to them about Jesus.

Another time there was a boy that was in the check-out line behind my mom who only had a few items and there was a special offer to buy one get one free and she decided to give him the extra one.  Then, when my mom was walking home she was struggling with the bags and the boy ran and caught up with her to help her carry them and she talked to him about Jesus too. Later finding out that he lives in a near slum.

The last story I'll give today is the most recent.  Just a few days ago my mom met a girl while walking and she asked her if she wanted her to pick something up for her in the store.  She said yes and my mom went in.  A few moments later she found my mom in the store and said that she wanted to come in with her.  My mom said she could pick her own stuff out.  As they stood in the checkout line my mom left for something quickly and the girl hid extra things underneath the groceries.  When my mom came back she realized the extra things and scolded the 16 year old like a daughter.  She said that it is terrible to take advantage of someone trying to help you.  She told her to put the stuff back.  As they were walking out the girl explained to my mom that in the slum they have a nickname and a legal name, but that it's not safe to tell people your real name.  She continued and said that only your loved ones call you by your real name and she told my mom her real name.  My mom prayed with her and the taxi driver and might never know the impact of her love.

The special thing about this blog is that there are no pictures.  This is because many times pictures, as you can imagine, take away from the moment.  Asking people to take a picture can be very humbling sometimes but that's not the point.  The point is that what my mom has been doing is an inspiration to be bold in our faith and when there are no pictures involved it is more authentic. 

There are two other things we've been doing in quarantine that I want to talk about, but I promise to make them quick. 

We've been learning new praise and worship songs to take the place of the spanish songs that, though loved, won't be helpful in New Zealand.

Also our family has watched a movie series called "The Bible" and the continuation "A.D.:Kingdom and Empire"  They are SOOOO awesome.  Each person in our family HIGHLY recommends them.
Here is a sentence from each of them so you can be sure.

Dad: "It got my kids more excited about their faith.  For example, my 10 year old read Acts of the Apostles alone after watching it."

Mom: "It brings the personalities of the Bible figures to life."

Katelyn: "You'll be mad there's not a season two."

Anna: "It gave me a whole new appreciation for everything I believe, and inspired me to tell more people about Jesus." 

Jack: "It has action and drama, and you would like it."

Michael: "I loved it and begged to watch many many many in a row."

That's how much we liked it. Hope you like it as much as we did.

Although it's been hard to be in quarantine here, we have found ways to make it count for the Lord.
God Bless.


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