Making Isaac a Sweet Home - by Anna

Hi everyone it's Anna again!

So, as most of you know, our brother from Peru, Isaac, is here by the grace of God and about to start online college classes next month.  Many of you are probably wondering how is Isaac doing with the fact that we're leaving.  Well this blog is about the sweet little home he moved into at Consolata.

This is Isaac's little two-room house next to the cow pen.

Here are the cows behind his house.  That Isaac has the privilege 
of smelling 24-7😂😂😂😂 

This is a little living room when you walk in with the bathroom on the left.

Then after you walk through then living room there's Isaac's room.
When I said two-room house I meant a livingroom and a bedroom.

OK, part of the reason I get to write this blog is because I feel the strongest about making home look like home. By that I mean keeping special things and pictures and changing whatever space we live in to be ours. So we made Isaac some things for his walls and got pictures of his printed to help him feel at home.

And lastly, Isaac wanted us to all put our handprints on his flowerpot as a keepsake.

We'll miss Isaac a lot, but we're very happy he has this opportunity. 
I'm sure he'll do great!
He can always use prayers though like any of us can.

Thank you for all you've done to 
make this life changing experience happen for Isaac.

Love, Anna


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