What is Real Happiness? by Anna

Being in transition during corona virus and quarantine, along with the many inconveniences of 3rd world countries has been really hard for our family.  The only thing that has gotten us through is our faith.  We had a family conversation today about preaching about real happiness, but what really is it, and are we living it?  Our discussion prompted me to write this blog.  

When all circumstances are great, it's easy to be happy and joyful.  But sometimes circumstances aren't great, and then what?  

We donated our Land Rover to a recently ordained family friend / priest in Kenya, so now we don't have a car and ride our bikes EVERYWHERE!  I can wish we had a car all day, but then can I preach that the poor can still be happy?  

I can cringe when I get 15 ant bites taking a bucket bath "cause the shower broke again," but then can I preach that the poor can still be happy?  

I can mound up things on our tiny counter resentfully, but then can I preach that the poor can still be happy?  

I can sweat all day everyday being grumpy, but then can I preach that the poor can be happy?  

I can cry "cause I'm lonely", but then can I preach all I need is Jesus? 

I can find school depressing and difficult, but then can I preach Jesus gives us strength?  

I think that here in Puerto Rico it's the first I've really felt poor.  This has really been a "put your money where your mouth is" kind of time for me.  I found this online about a year ago and wrote it in my prayer journal.  It's really helped me when I find myself asking, "What does 'Jesus is enough' really mean?" 

I encourage you to bring all your difficulties to God. 

There is something that my family has been learning these past 5 years, but has been really challenged by these last several months - When life gets tough, don't run to other things like social media, busying yourself, work, really long walks, reading excessively, or things on screens.  God is the answer.  I know that going to God isn't always the easiest thing to do, but it's what we should do!  
What cheers you up? Do you make God a part of that? 

REAL happiness is the kind that circumstances don't shake.  The kind the comes from God alone.  This is easy to say, but not to do.  Real happiness is realizing that Jesus IS enough in every situation. 

Prayers and love,

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