All In a Day's Work by Chris

It has been really great having other missionaries here in Puerto Rico as part of our community.  One family lives about 2 hours away in San Juan and another lives about 1 hour away up in the "mountains" which after living alongside of Mt. Kenya, I think of as more of "the hills".  After our initial cleaning of Nelson's place (which you can read about in the blog, "A Bit of Relief in the Midst of Despair" that Karen wrote a little while back) we thought it would be good to call up our other missionaries to see if they would be willing to help paint Nelson's house with us.  They agreed and we set a date and it all came together so well.  I will do my usual format of lots of pictures with captions under each one.  Praise the Lord that was able to use our families to make Nelson's home a bit better for him.  Thank you Jesus!  Thank you also to all of our mission partners whose donations made it possible to buy the paint and cleaning supplies that we used!

Here is us showing up in the morning to get started with the work!

The kids got to work painting the walls the fun yellow that Nelson picked out as his favorite color.
Must be from all of those years of having a lemonade stand!

One crew was assigned to fixing the holes in the ceiling.

One group was assigned to cleaning the roof

One group worked to bring this old loveseat back to life!

...and the kids kept on painting away...

....and the ceiling repairs continued...

Michael painted down low while Jack pained up high

The new and improved loveseat could now hold Nelson and a visitor

As we finished up, the kids wanted to leave Nelson a message to remind him that he is loved!

Here is the finished hallway that leads downstairs
right by where Katelyn is standing

We decided to move the loveseat up against a different wall and away from an open window 
so that it hopefully holds up a bit better

Here is the outside roof all clean and tidy

One of Nelson's very kind neighbors brought over a delicious rice dish for all of us to share!

Please pray for Nelson and that he can feel the love of Jesus in his improved living conditions.  We hope to be able to either get Nelson's house up to a better living condition or to help him get moved into a home for the elderly as he is 70 years old and is eligible to live in one of the homes here.  

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