Living a Life of Service by Karen

Jesus doesn't call the qualified, 
He qualifies the called!

Sometimes people assume that just because we're missionaries that we've always had really strong faith, but that isn't necessarily the case.  

Faith is a journey, not a destination and our journey, at times, has resembled a foreboding switchback trail up a steep mountainside.  

We believe that the Lord called us to missions, not because of who we were, but because of who He knew we could become if we decided to put Him at the very center of our lives.    

 Following are a collection of short videos that explain how service and prayer have helped each one of us grow closer to Jesus.  To watch the videos on YouTube, just click the links shown to the right of each photo:

Chris' video: 

Katelyn's video:

Jack's video:

Anna's video:

Michael's Video: 

part 1 -   

part 2 -

Karen's video:

Remember, faith is a journey, not a destination and Jesus is walking with you every step of the way.  He delights in your desire to get to know Him better and will help you come to love Him more.  If you're not sure what to do or where to start, perhaps you could look for opportunities to serve others.  I imagine that you'll be delightfully surprised by how much you get by giving!!

May God bless every effort you make to draw closer to HIM.  

Love, Karen

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