My Life Fits in a Backpack by Michael

My mom asked me to write a blog about something that I thought other people might find interesting.  The only thing I could think of was that my whole life fits in a backpack.

Some kids have an entire room full of stuff.

Some kids have a room and a playroom full of stuff.

Some kids have a room and a playroom and a garage full of stuff like toys, bikes, a bow and arrow set, and other fun things.

Everything that I own fits in one medium size backpack because each time we move we give away pretty much everything.  It doesn't make me sad though because it feels good to be able to make other kids happy by giving them our special things.  I got a slingshot for Christmas last year and a remote control helicopter for my birthday.  I was going to give them to the boy that lives behind us but his family has kind of a lot of money and so it didn't seem like it would really be very special to him.  So I'm going to take those things with me to Costa Rica so I can play with them there.  

Usually, my parents say that each person gets one bag and then we have other suitcases for our family's stuff like board games and pictures and stuff.  Sometimes I feel like I'm not going to have enough space to fit all my stuff but then I start packing and see that there isn't much that I really need or want to take anyway.  I always take my bible, some clothes, my toothbrush and a book or two and that's it.  

When we are in the airport and I see people with like a gazillion bags for a week trip I think they're crazy.  I'm sure they think we're crazy when they find out that we're moving to another country and we only have 10 or 11 bags for all of us. 

Could you fit everything that you own into a medium-size backpack?  If your parents told you that you could only take one bag with you when you were moving to another country what would you put in your bag? 

That's all I have to say about the idea that my whole life fits in one backpack.  I hope you found it interesting.

From, Michael

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