Using the Strength God Gave Me by Jack

A few weeks ago we went to a small chapel outside of town for a prayer service.  After we got done everyone was standing around talking and we heard them expressing annoyance and concern about a very large tree trunk outside in the parking lot that looked really terrible.  My dad asked us if we'd be willing to help clean it all up and we said yes.  So, the next week we went to the chapel and spent the day cleaning up all the wood scraps from this big tree that they had cut down because the roots were destroying the patio and would one day wreck the chapel.  First we started cleaning up the debris around the trunk and carried it away in a wheelbarrow and dumped it in the back of the yard.  It was all very heavy and it was hard to work in the hot sun, but then a man came and brought us rice and beans for lunch.  After eating we finished clearing as much of the debris away as we could.  We thought maybe we could roll the trunk away, but it only moved slightly because it was so big.  The last thing we did was take a picture of some of our hard work.  I'm thankful that I can use the strength that God has given me to help people in their struggles and I hope that the gifs that you have you can use to help others too.

Bye -Jack

PS - I don't really know how to put the pictures inside the text, so I'm just going to include some pictures below.  Enjoy!

Here's what it looked like when we got there.  I can see why
they wanted us to clean it up.  This big mess makes the chapel look terrible.

The ground behind the chapel is really bumpy
so it was hard to push the wheelbarrow.

The wheelbarrow was really small so we had to take a million trips.

My mom worked with us, but sometimes it seems like she doesn't
actually do any work because she's the one always taking pictures
so there aren't any pictures of her working.  For this picture she used the
timer on her old camera.  

This is what it looked like when we were done.
We told them that we would clean up the rest if they could find
someone with a chainsaw but I don't know if that will ever happen.

We found a grub that was longer and thicker than my finger.
It was really cool.

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