Teaching Psalm 119 to 80 young kids by Chris

 Karen and I have been visiting a daycare run by a group of local nuns for the last year.  We visit regularly and worked our way through one of the Psalms over the first half of the year.  During the second half of the year, we worked our way through Psalm 119.  Each time we visit, we cover a few more pages and then we leave the kids to color them until our next visit.  During our visits, we sing fun kid praise & worship songs and read the Psalm to them in both Spanish and English.  We also just talk with the kids and more importantly, listen to them.  As anyone who has been around little kids knows, they get SO EXCITED to tell you this one thing that is so important to them and they just need someone to listen to them.  As our kids' school year has been wrapping up, they have been more available to go with us the last few times.  For the last visit, we presented them with their finished coloring books which we were able to put into a nice folder with plastic sheet protectors so that they can keep it and show their family members.  As a way for them to prepare for Christmas, we gave them each an Advent coloring book with a pack of crayons to work through with their teacher.  Here in Costa Rica, the kids call the female elementary school teachers "Niña" which is the word for a young girl in Spanish.  It is unique to Costa Rica and caught us off guard when we first started visiting.  I think the teachers secretly like it and I believe it helps them to stay "young at heart" which is important when working with younger kids.  We had a great time with the nuns and the kids this year and it has been fun when they see us all around town and they point to us and say to their Mom or Dad, "Los misioneros!" in a sing-song drawn-out kind of way!

I like to keep my blogs relatively short and include more photos.  So, in keeping with this, here are the photos of our final visit of this year:

This is one classroom holding up their Advent coloring books.
Another class getting their crayons and coloring books!

Jack and Michael with some of the kids and their big smiles!
Another class getting their new coloring books and crayons!

Karen & Anna read the Psalm to the kids

Here is a link to us singing "Mi Burrito Sabanero" with the kids:

Video of us singing a Christmas song with the kids

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